Vegetables Name In English And Urdu With Pictures

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vegetables name in english


Today, we will teach you some common vegetables name in English, Urdu and their scientific names. An edible part of a plant that is used in cooking or can be eaten raw is known as vegetable. They are different from fruits in that they do not have seeds in them. People use them as a part of their meal or as salads or side dish. Mostly people who do not eat meat are called vegetarian because they eat vegetables and fruits. The informal word for vegetables is veggies.

Vegetables Name

English          Roman          UrduCarrot

Carrot            Gajar             گاجر

Scientific Name – Daucus carota subsp. Sativus 

English          Roman          Urducucumber

Cucumber      kheera           کھیرا  / ککڑی

Scientific Name – Cucumis sativus

English          Roman          Urducauliflower

Cauliflower      Gobi             گوبھی

Scientific Name – Brassica oleracea var. botrytis

English          Roman          Urducorn

Corn              makai              مکئ

Scientific Name – Zea mays

DID YOU KNOW! Corn is a cereal grain and is also a type of fruit.

English              Roman                  Urducapsicum

Capsicum      Shimla Mirch           شملہ مرچ

Scientific Name – Capsicum annuum

English              Roman                  Urducabbage

Cabbage        Band Gobi               بند گوبھی

Scientific Name – Brassica oleracea var. capitata

English              Roman                  Urdured-beets

Beetroot            chukandar              چقندر

Scientific Name – Beta vulgaris

English                      Roman                  Urdured chilli

Chili , Red Chili          Lal Mirch              لال مرچ

Scientific Name – Capsicum frutescens

English           Roman                  UrduGarlic

Garlic              lehsan                   لہسن

Scientific Name – Allium sativum

English           Roman                  UrduGinger

Ginger            Adrak                     ادرک

Scientific Name – Zingiber officinale

English           Roman                  Urduchili

Green chili      Sabaz Mirch         سبز مرچ

Scientific Name – Capsicum annuum

English           Roman          UrduLady Finger

Lady Finger     Bhindi           بھنڈی

Scientific Name – Abelmoschus esculentus

English           Roman          UrduMushroom

Mushroom     Mushroom     مشروم

Scientific Name – Agaricus Bisporus

DID YOU KNOW! Mushrooms –  Mushroom is not a plant a biologically, so, it isn’t a vegetable technically .

English           Roman          UrduOnion

Onion              pyaz              پیاز

Scientific Name – Allium cepa

English           Roman          UrduPeas

Peas               Matar             مٹر

Scientific Name – Pisum sativum

English             Roman          UrduPeppermint

Peppermint      Podina         پودینہ

Scientific Name – Mentha × piperita

English               Roman             Urdu

Pointed Gourd    Lambi Loki     لمبی لوکی

Scientific Name – Trichosanthes dioica

English      Roman        UrduPotatoes

Potato         Aloo             آلو

Scientific Name – Solanum tuberosum

English       Roman        Urdu

Purslane      Lobia          لوبیا/خرقہ

Scientific Name – Portulaca oleracea

English       Roman      Urduradishe

Radish        Mooli          مولی

Scientific Name – Raphanus sativus

English       Roman      UrduSpinach

Spinach      Palak         پالک

Scientific Name – Spinacia oleracea

English               Roman            UrduSpring Onion

Spring Onion     Hari pyaz        ہری پیاز

Scientific Name – Allium fistulosum

English                  Roman              UrduSweet Potato

Sweet Potato      Shakar Qandi     شکر قندی

Scientific Name – Ipomoea batatas

English          Roman          UrduTomato

Tomato          Tamatar        ٹماٹر

Scientific Name – Solanum lycopersicum

English          Roman          UrduTurmeric

Turmeric        Haldi              ہلدی

Scientific Name – Curcuma longa

English          Roman          UrduTurnip

Turnip           Shaljam          شلجم

Scientific Name – Brassica rapa subsp. Rapa

English                         Roman             UrduWhite Goose Foot

White Goose Foot        Baathoo         بتھوا ، باتھو

Scientific Name – Chenopodium album


* The following are Fruits in a botanical sense, but commonly thought of as vegetables because of their culinary uses:

Avocado, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, peppers, pumpkin, squash, tomato, zucchini

This post is about vegetable name in English, Urdu long with their scientific names. If you find any name is missing please let us know we’ll add that name.

vegetables names in urdu and english

Vegetables Name In English And Urdu With Pictures
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Vegetables Name In English And Urdu With Pictures