Simple Vegetable Spaghetti Recipe In Urdu

spaghetti recipe in urdu

spaghetti recipe in urdu

Spaghetti is a kind of pasta that is made up in strings form and thick like vermicelli. these are introduced by Italians. its was well known that boiling can cook pasta quickly and easily. Spaghetti factories were established in Italy in 19th century and enabled them as production of pasta spaghetti in Italian market.
Later in 19th century it was introduced in United States as Italian dish in restaurants as noodles with mild tomato sauce and some other flavors, spices and vegetables. It can be cooked by adding oregano, basil leaves, bay leaves, cloves of garlic. Its popularity increased in decades and now it’s a commonly prepared Italian dish famous all over the world.
simple spaghetti recipe in Urdu you need to have these ingredients

spaghetti recipe in urdu



cabbage                         200 g
carrots                           250 g
peas                              250 g
green pepper                  6
oil                                1/2 cup
safaid zeera                   50  g
black pepper                  2 tablespoon (grinded)
garam masala                1 tablespoon
bake parlor vinegar         4 table spoon
bake parlor spaghetti     1 packet
salt                               as required


Method of making simple spaghetti:
1. first of all, cut all the vegetables nicely.
2. put some oil in a pork and golden fry the onion that is cut into cube. then add sfaidzeera, ginger and garlic paste, black pepper, and garam masala. fry it on a low flame.
3. add a glass of water and then add peas cook them until soft. add all the other veggies as well. dry all the extra water after vegetables cooked properly.
4. boil the bake parlor spaghetti in other pork and add 2 tablespoons of salt in it.
5. mix boiled spaghetti and fried vegetables and then add vinegar in it.
6. cook until all the mixture is dry. and it’s ready.
you can serve it with chili sauce as well.
Additional Topping:
You can add/fry chicken along with the vegetables, different spice, sauce of your own choice, basil leaves, bay leaves, oregano, cloves or garlic.

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