Homemade Health Tips in Urdu

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Homemade Health Tips in Urdu

Is staying healthy one of your ultimate wishes? Well, probably each single person would spell out the answer as yes! Each single person of today’s generation wants to make them look physically fit and healthy all the time so they can make them show confident enough while walking in the crowd. In the wish to stay healthy some of the people opt for the finest changes in their diet plans and some of them do make their ways into the gym sessions. But does it really bring magical results for your body? Well, the answer is “NO”. Very few lucky people get benefit from the diet plans and gym sessions only when they are practicing it by heart. There are so many simple health tips in urdu for your body which you can perfect easily without stepping out from your house and spending handsome amount of money.

Let’s learn about some healthy and best health tips in Urdu!

health tips in urdu

Interesting and Simple Homemade Health Tips in Urdu:

Tip No 1: Watermelon as Energy Drink:

Watermelon is famously known as the energy drink for the home users. Some of the doctors have many times recommend out to be the energy drip to feel active and healthy all the time. This is mainly for the reason of the fact that it is based on 93% of the water in it. According to the medical experts, if you will be eating the fruit items that are rich in sources of water, then your 20% of the daily criteria of the healthy body gets fulfilled. Most of the times the stress and low energy condition which you might experience is because of the shortage of water in your body. Get ready to follow these health and hygiene tips in urdu!

Tip No 2: Candle Blowing Welcomes Germs:

Do you know the interesting fact that by blowing the candle on the cake will give rise to the germs? It has been medically tested by the experts that by blowing the candle on the birthday cake, it do put together the arrival of 1400% germs increase. Because of the reason as you will blow the candle from the mouth, the saliva inside the mouth will spilt on your cake that will be rather filled with the germs.  For some of the people this tip might come up as insane and would spoil their whole birthday plan, but trust us, there is nothing better birthday surprise than saving the life of your friend!

Tip No 3: Using Sponge Can Lead To Bacteria and Germs:

Do you make the use of sponge while washing the utensils in your kitchen?If yes, then stop doing it right now! It is to be known that the sponge that you use to clean the dirt over the utensils is carried out with the involvement of 362 germs into it. They are extreme harmful for the health of the human body. Experts have advised the ladies that they should be much conscious about the cleanliness of their house kitchens and should change the sponge each single week.  This is one of the interesting health facts from which probably most of the individuals would not be aware much.

Tip No 4: Eat Chocolates 3 Times in a Week:

Eating chocolates at least 3-4 chocolates in a week can make the human body vines stronger. This would even reduce the risk of engaging the heart into the normal level of beating. Well, this seems to be like a good news for the chocolate lovers. Get ready for this treat!

Tip No 5: Use of Balm Massage on Mosquito Bite Areas:

If any insect or the mosquito bite you, you should first of all be washing that particular place of body with cold water. Then you should apply the balm over the biting area. Smoothly do the massage by using the fingertips so that the biting area would get gentle and would even slow down the irritation of the bite. Scratching that area can give rise to the redness that can lead to face so many skin irritation issues afterwards.

Tip No 6: Use of Ginger for Joints Paint:

If you are suffering from the joint pain, then it would be advisable to make the best use of ginger in your daily routine lifestyle. The use of ginger or the ginger paste or the giner tea will make your joint pain vanish. It will bring improvement in your health and will even make you get rid from the pain at least 40%. This is also one of the health tips in urdu for height.

Tip No 7: Kishmish as Best for Atheletes:

Kishmish is healthy enough for the sports based people or the one who are athlete. They are rich in the sources of the carbohydrates and electrolytes in order to maintain the body stamina of the players body. You can have it in the breakfast along with milk or yogurt. It would make you physically fit for a long time span. If you are a sports person than don’t miss out adding kismish in your diet plan schedule!

Tip No 8: Strawberries As Rich in Vitamin C:

A rich source of Vitamin C is present in the strawberries. Vitamin C is accountable for bringing the strength and potenial in the body. In the strawberry, the percentage of Antioxidants is huge that help the body to get away from many types of diseases.

We hope that this piece of article would have help you alot in order to learn about with some interesting and yet the best health tips in urdu for your body. All the tips which we did mentioned for you are easy to follow and are homemade. You do not have to struggle around here and there to practice it. So stop wasting time and give your body the sole chance to stay healthy and physically fit with these healthy tips!


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