Fruits Name In English And Urdu With Picture

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fruits name

Fruits Name

Today, we will teach you some common Fruits name in English, Urdu and their scientific names. These name of fruits are accurate and written with utter care. To most of us, a fruit is a plant part that is eaten as a dessert or snack because it is sweet, but to a botanist a fruit is a mature ovary of a plant. Eating fruit and vegetables may promote emotional well-being among healthy young adults.  Research suggests that good mood may lead to greater preference for healthy foods over indulgent foods.

English          Roman          Urduapple saib

Apple               saib               سیب

Scientific Name – Malus domestica

English          Roman          Urduapricot - khubani

Apricot            Khubani           خوبانی

Scientific Name – Prunus armeniaca

English          Roman          Urdubanana - kela

Banana            Kela                کیلا

Scientific Name – Musa

English          Roman          Urdu blackberry - jamun

Blackberry      Jamun            جا من

Scientific Name – Rubus

English              Roman                  UrduBlueberry

Blueberry        Neelabadari             منبلیو بیری

Scientific Name – Cyanococcus

English              Roman                  Urducoconut - narial

Coconut              Nariyal                   ناریل

Scientific Name – Cocos nucifera

English              Roman                  UrduTamarind - imli

Tamarind             Imali                      املی

Scientific Name – Tamarindus indica

English                      Roman                  UrduDate - khajoor

Date                           Khajoor                  کھجور

Scientific Name – Phoenix dactylifera

English           Roman                  UrduFig - anjeer

Fig                    Anjeer                   انجیر

Scientific Name – Ficus carica

English           Roman                  Urdu

Gooseberry - amla


Gooseberry           Amla                   آملہ

Scientific Name – Ribes uva-crispa

English           Roman                  UrduGrapes - angoor

Grapes            Angoor                   انگور

Scientific Name – Vitis vinifera

English           Roman          UrduGuava - amrood

Guava             Amrood          امرود

Scientific Name – Psidium guajava

English             Roman          UrduLemon - nimbu

Lemon, Lime      Nimbu           نیبو

Scientific Name – Citrus × limon

English                Roman          UrduLychee

Lychee, Litchi        Lychee           لیچی

Scientific Name – Litchi chinensis

English           Roman          UrduMango - aam

Mango               Aam               آم

Scientific Name – Mangifera indica

English             Roman          UrduMulberry - shatoot

Mulberry           Shahtoot         شہتوت

Scientific Name – Morus

English               Roman             UrduMelon - kharbooza

Melon                kharbooza          خربوزہ

Scientific Name – Cucumis melo

English             Roman                UrduOrange

Orange       Narangi , Santra           مالٹا

Scientific Name – Citrus reticulata

English       Roman        UrduPapaya - papita

Papaya        Papita           پپیتا

Scientific Name – Carica papaya

English       Roman      Urdu

Peach - aroo

Peach          Aaroo           آڑو

Scientific Name – Prunus persica

English       Roman         UrduPear - nashpati

Pear           Nashpati         ناشپاتی

Scientific Name – Pyrus

English               Roman            UrduPineapple - ananas

Pineapple            Ananas             انناس

Scientific Name – Ananas comosus

English               Roman               UrduPlum - alubukhara

Plum                   Alubukhara          آلوبخارا

Scientific Name – Prunus domestica

English                Roman          UrduPomegranate - anar

Pomegranate         Anar              انار

Scientific Name – Punica granatum

English               Roman          UrduWater-melon - tarbooz

Water-melon       Tarbooz          تربوز

Scientific Name – Curcuma longa

English          Roman          UrduRaisins - kishmish

Raisins           Kishmish         کشمش


English                         Roman                UrduNaseberry - cheeku

Sapota, Naseberry       Cheeku, Chiku        چیکو

Scientific Name – Averrhoa carambola

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