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pizza dough recipe in urdu

Pizza Dough Recipe In Urdu

Hello guys! Welcome back on the divine show of taste and enjoyment. You obviously enjoy cooking that’s why you are here in search of a new and unique methods of cooking. We will help you to make new dishes around the world in very easy method. Hopefully you have and will enjoy it.

Today we are sharing another very delicious and demanding recipe of everyone. Pizza is the demand of every age group now days. Youngsters and children love to eat pizza either daily or often. It’s less famous in the old aged people but few like it and love to eat it. The best and perfect pizza is the one if its dough is soft and thick. Most of the time people loss their interest eating it because of its hard dough. It needs to be prepared with good care. Here we are sharing that how to make pizza dough recipe in Urdu so if you want to make it at your home, you should know the proper and easy method of making it only then you can enjoy having it at home. It’s not much difficult just needs to make it in proper way. Soft and chewy crust is the basic taste and beauty of the pizza. Once you are mastered in making this easy pizza dough, you will be well on the way to pizza perfectionist. You can prepare it before and can freeze it. At the time of need just take the crust out and ready to go with topping and baking or you can also prepare it 1 hour before its serving. The dough can rise in 30 minutes. You can also store it in refrigerator but make sure that the bowl you are using is oiled properly and it should be covered with plastic sheet for up to 2 hours.

Here we go with the recipe, please note it down carefully.

pizza dough recipe


Flour               250 g

Yeast               1 tablespoon

Milk                 ¾ cup (slightly hot)

Water              as required (slightly hot)

Salt                 as per taste

Margarine         2 tablespoons

Egg                  1


Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time:  20 minutes


  1. Mix ¼ cup of milk in yeast.
  2. Take another bowl and mix flour, salt, margarine and egg and the mixture of yeast and milk.
  3. You can also add water if required and make a soft dough for pizza.
  4. Put it in a hot place to let it get rise.

Here the pizza dough is ready to use. You can bake it and keep it stored for next time as well. Must share your reviews with us. I hope that you will enjoy baking  and eating it. Good luck. J

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