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best cupcake recipe

Best Cupcake Recipe 

If you want to know about how to cook best cupcake recipe at home then you have finally reached at the right destination. We have been providing you with so many of the recipes on the traditional levels. But cupcake is one such recipe which each single kid of the house demand the most on their weekend holidays. For this reason here we have come up with the easy lean recipe of cupcake at home! It would just require the time span of 20 minutes to cook a quick cupcake!

Let’s try it now!

Main Ingredients in Cooking Best Cupcake Recipe:

  • Meeda item around one cup
  • Marinate sugar around one cup
  • 4 Eggs
  • Butter about 125 grams
  • Baking powder around one spoon
  • Vanilla flavor around 1/2 small table spoon
  • Cream one cup
  • Round Jelly as required on taste
  • Cherries as required on taste

Tutorial to Prepare Cupcake Recipe At Home:

  1. Take a round bowl and add almost 125 gram of the butter and one cup of the sugar in it and blend it gently. You will be blending until the butter and sugar does not get mix into each other completely.
  2. Now pour 4 eggs in the bowl and start blending it. Along with the egg, you will be mixing vanilla 1/2 cup of flavor plus one small table spoon baking powder. You need to mix the whole of it completely.
  3. Now you have to grease the whole mixture and keep it in the baking oven for the duration of around 20 minutes. Keep it bake on the 200C temperature.
  4. Now let the cupcake get cool down and then add 1 cup of cream on top of it.
  5. Now as for the topping flavor, you will be adding its top side with the round jelly as well as cheese.

Well, this was the complete end of the information about the cooking of best cupcake recipe at home! You need to follow up all the guidelines carefully so that at the end of the day you can bake a delicious and tasty cupcake dish for your home mates.


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