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Homemade Beauty Tips in Urdu

Right into this piece of article we will be sharing around with some of the best and interesting beauty tips in Urdu for you that are homemade and best in bringing flawless appearance on the skin.  Scroll down and catch the beauty tips!

Interesting and Simple Homemade Beauty Tips in Urdu:

beauty tips in urdu

Beauty Tip No 1:

You can stir the sugar in one box and keep washing face with it for the next 4-5 days in a line. You do not have to make the use of the sugar alone. You will be mixing it along with the use of soap in it. You need to gently do the massage with this solution on top of your face. This sugar mixture will work best on the areas that are affected with the blackheads. As after 3-4 minutes of the massage, you need to wash it completely. You will be finding your face much smooth and feel like have taken a fresh facial. Try this amazing tip!

Beauty Tip No 2:

Take the ingredients of apple juice around 1 small spoon and lemon juice around 1/4 quantity. Now mix all the ingredients one by one. Place it on top of the face in the form of massage and move it all over your face gently. You need to do the massage for around the duration of 20 minutes and wash it with the water. See the results yourself! This is an important beauty tips in urdu for skin fair. Try it now!

Beauty Tip No 3:

This is one of the most interesting and yet the simple beauty tip to do! Have you ever seen the thick layer that comes over on the milk as you boil it. Well, take that thick layer and apply it on the face with the gentle massage. You will view the results by your own!

Beauty Tip No 4:

Take a basin powder, as well as milk, haldi and some honey and make a thick mixture of it. You have to apply it on the face for about 20 minutes. This will give out a clean and fresh skin tone to your face. If you want much more fresh results, then you can even add 2-3 small spoons of milk in it. Don’t forget to try this beauty tips in urdu for skin fair in summer!

Beauty Tip No 5:

On the last of the beauty tips in urdu for face whitening! take the lemon juice and add honey in it. Apply this paste over the face for around the duration of 5 minutes in the form of gentle massage. This will bring a shine on your face in flawless way.

Are you ready to try with these amazing and yet simple beauty tips in urdu! Well, there is nothing hard and difficult in terms of following these tips and we are sure that once you will try it for one week, you will be finding amazing results for sure!



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