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06 May 2021

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Crispy Fried Broast

Crispy Fried Broast Chicken 

Directions, Take small pieces of chicken, 12-16 pieces from 1 chicken. add all above list 1 ingredients, marinate it for 1/2 hour or if you have time leave it for 6-7 hours. Coat chicken pieces 1 by 1 in it by pressing each piece with…


Iftar Special Fitness Juice 

Instructions: Ginger must use without peel , and the other ingredients used with peel Put all the items in the Grander/ Blander and Grind it for 2 – 3 mins.then fill your glass and enjoy the Fitness Juice. Ingredients 1 Medium Carrot 1 Medium Cucumber…

Spicy Chicken Biryani

Spicy Supreme Chicken Biryani 

Biryani has its origins in Persian cooking. The Mughal emperors of India partook of this delicious rice concoction during their royal feasts. The Islamic Persians introduced biryani to the world. Chicken Biryani is the Traditional Dish of Pakistan. Biryani is that the Detoxifies the interior…

Chicken White pulao

Chicken White Pulao 

Hello friends! Welcome back. I know you were waiting for another yummy and easy to make recipe for you breakfast, lunch or dinner. so, here I am sharing a very delicious, all-time favorite and easy recipe of making chicken white pulao. You can make it…



چقندر Beetroot مرچ Chilli کریلا Bitter Gourd لہسن Garlic گھیا کدو Gourd بھنڈی Okra مٹر Peas کچالو Yam آلو Patato پھلیاں Green Beans دھنیا Corainder کھیرا Cucumber لیمو ں Lemon گانٹھ گوبھی پیاز Onion شلجم Turnip پالک Spinach گاجر Carrot بینگن Bringle بندھ گوبھی Cabbage…

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